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Computation DateIP maxIP cumPS maxPS cum
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Current number of NEAs in risk list:1423
The Risk List is a catalogue of all objects for which a non-zero impact probability has been computed. Each entry contains details on the particular Earth approach which poses the highest risk of impact (as expressed by the Palermo Scale). It includes its date, size, velocity and probability. Impact history data can be selected in tabular and graphical form. Links to the impactor table, the physical properties and orbit visualiser are given. In most cases, the size presented in the table is estimated indirectly from the absolute magnitude, and flagged with an asterisk to denote that its uncertainty is large. When a better measurement is available in the literature, it replaces the estimated value. By default, entries are sorted by the maximum Palermo Scale value; the sorting can be changed by clicking on the table headers.

Risk List

No.Object designationDiameter in mImpact date/time in UTCIP maxPS maxTSYearsIP cumPS cumVel. in km/sIn list since in dHistory dataHistory plotIT
1 700*
Approximate object diameter
2056-12-12 21:391/3.5E6-3.2202056-21171/1.11E6-2.8927.545101
2 40*
Approximate object diameter
2071-09-16 00:571/1146-3.3702069-21191/371-2.9511.275101
3 30*
Approximate object diameter
2027-05-01 09:061/6711-3.6602027-21191/6097-3.6514.015101
4 30*
Approximate object diameter
2032-04-16 21:511/19880-3.6702032-20521/19880-3.6720.17535
5 210*
Approximate object diameter
2110-10-29 06:461/552486-3.7402077-21161/440528-3.6429.34920
6 16*
Approximate object diameter
2067-05-08 13:221/793-3.8202067-21191/568-3.6813.761610
7 16*
Approximate object diameter
2046-02-23 20:451/1443-3.9002043-20591/1432-3.9014.214183
8 90*
Approximate object diameter
2047-03-08 23:181/169491-3.9002042-21151/164203-3.8923.583695
9 30*
Approximate object diameter
2030-02-26 08:151/32051-4.0502030-21081/15337-3.8222.665101
10 8*
Approximate object diameter
2104-11-24 16:311/147-4.1102080-21191/141-4.0912.041759

Special Risk List

No.Object designationDiameter in mImpact date/time in UTCIP maxPS maxVel. in km/sIn list since in dCommentHistory dataHistory plotIT
1 484 2182-09-24 20:241/2702-1.5912.685001Impact Date > 100 years
2 1300 2880-03-16 23:481/51020-2.1317.992495Impact Date > 100 years