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Current number of Images in Database:946378

The FITS image archive is hosted by NEO Coordination Centre at ESRIN. It is a searchable catalogue of astronomical images dedicated to small body observation campaigns provided by ESA's telescopes (or telescopes under agreement with the Agency). Presently the archive contains images from: Optical Ground Station (J04; 2010 - current date), Klet Observatory (246; 2014 - current date), Karl Schwarzschild Observatory (033; 2019 - current date), Calar Alto-Schmidt (Z84; 2015 - current date), Cebreros TBT Observatory (Z58; 2016 - current date), and the La Sagra Sky Survey (J75; 2011 - 2013). For more information about the NEOCC observing facilities visit this page.

All follow-up images available in the archive have already been analysed and astrometry of the targeted object has already been submitted to the Minor Planet Center, when appropriate. The images obtained for survey purposes have been thoroughly searched for new and known moving objects. However, valuable precovery detections of objects unknown at the time of observation may still exist in the datasets. If you find any promising candidate, please contact us so that we can verify your detections. Furthermore, we would be grateful if you acknowledged our source when the results are published.

Figures below show the area of the sky covered by the NEOCC image database (left) and the distribution of collected data per observatory (right).

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