NEO Toolkit

Last update: 2024-02-08 10:00 UTC


The NEO Toolkit is a new set of astronomical tools designed by the NEO Coordination Centre of ESA’s Planetary Defence Office. This toolkit is currently composed of four complementary tools, each one focused on a specific goal. With these tools the users will be able to obtain high accuracy ephemerides, precisely locating asteroids and their orbits in the night sky or the Solar System or simulating the close approach of those objects that may come closest to Earth.

Display collections of asteroids and the Keplerian and perturbed orbits of NEOs in a 3D environment of the Solar System.
Locate the path in the sky followed by your objects of interest as observed from any coordinates in the world.
Calculate observational conditions and precise ephemerides to optimise the scheduling of your observations.
Display Keplerian and perturbed orbits of NEOs in a rotating Sun-centered reference frame in 3D and check for their observability.

How to use NEO Toolkit

The tools are briefly introduced in the ESA asteroid toolkit: how to guide. However, to learn more about some of the tools and how to use them effectively, please refer to the videos provided below.


Synodic Orbit Visualisation Tool
Display the Keplerian and perturbed orbits of Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) in a rotating Sun-centered reference frame.