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Last update: 2024-06-20 00:00 UTC
The Priority List addresses the problem of efficiently planning and executing NEO follow-up observations. It classifies the need to observe especially newly discovered objects into four categories, urgent, necessary, useful and low priority. The aim is to ensure that the highest possible percentage of these bodies can be recovered at other apparitions. The sorting order can be changed by clicking on the table headers.

The software running at the NEOCC was originally developed by the Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica (INAF, Italy) and its results made available through INAF's Spaceguard portal. It was also made operational in our system since 2014. The implemented method is discussed in the following article by A. Boattini et al. (2006), A New Protocol for the Astrometric Follow-up of Near Earth Asteroids, that can be found here.

Priority List

PriorityObject designationInsertedR.A. in hh:mmDeclination in degElongation in degVisual magnitude in magSky uncert. in arcsecEnd of visibility
UR 2024-06-20 12h18m-16.010120.542024-06-22
UR 2024-06-20 21h17m18.611621.622024-06-22
UR 2024-06-20 11h20m-16.38821.522024-06-22
UR 2024-06-20 13h23m-59.112121.912024-06-22
UR 2024-06-20 22h13m23.210321.702024-06-22
UR 2024-06-20 23h45m-48.611017.2212024-06-22
UR 2024-06-20 14h06m-11.312421.922024-06-22
UR 2024-06-20 18h04m-33.217021.952024-06-23
UR 2024-06-20 16h12m66.18820.822024-06-24
UR 2024-06-20 14h15m-5.112317.712024-06-25
UR 2024-06-20 12h25m18.08920.962024-06-27
UR 2024-06-20 18h51m39.411617.6142024-06-27
UR 2024-06-20 13h08m-29.511620.932024-07-01
UR 2024-06-20 16h20m24.512620.3202024-07-02
UR 2024-06-20 17h19m-7.316121.853752024-07-03
UR 2024-06-20 22h10m9.111121.642024-07-03
UR 2024-06-20 17h37m-22.317520.882024-07-06
UR 2024-06-20 21h09m10.512219.582024-07-07
UR 2024-06-20 16h28m1.014720.432024-07-22
NE 2024-06-20 14h05m-8.012221.712024-06-22
NE 2024-06-20 15h04m7.012821.612024-06-24
NE 2024-06-20 17h27m-34.216721.812024-06-24
NE 2024-06-20 20h44m-49.913819.512024-06-25
NE 2024-06-20 00h05m-32.710121.412024-06-25
NE 2024-06-20 15h01m-0.513120.702024-06-26